Meet Our Staff


Pastor Todd Lugli began with a vision to take the Gospel the nations and minister to the “whole man”– body, soul and spirit. In 2009 his vision led him to found Happy Kids International. Before working in Haiti, Todd spent many years traveling around the world with his family with an extended stay in Colombia, South America to minister. Since coming to Haiti, Pastor Todd has worked to provide safe places for orphans during hardships, food, clean water and providing needed medical services both in the cities and more recently, in the mountainous regions. Todd and his wife Gena have four kids and all of which consider Happy Kids International a family ministry. They are blessed by the many domestic and international volunteers who continually give up their time and resources to make this ministry work.




Brian and Sandy Palmberg are our missionaries in training for 2015 and are projected to be on the field within the year. They have been serving in Haiti over the years and we look forward to serving alongside them once their training in California is complete.



Here are the smiling faces of our Haitian Staff:




Elimage Montas-National Director assistant, Translator, Driver & Team Leader







David Sainnatus-Mr. “Fix-it,” Translator, Driver & Team Leader







Daniel Sainnatus-Translator








Alfred Bonhomme-Mountain Outreach Coordinator with one of the biggest hearts you’ll ever meet






Antoine Belizair–Top notch chef & Driver




Also, Happy Kids International offers a 12 month intensive missionary training program that equips future leaders in all areas of life before they are launched into the mission field. If interested in becoming a future missionary, please contact us for more information at!