Our Mission

Our Mission

As an organization following Christ, Happy Kids International exists to care for children body, soul and spirit in the poorest places on earth. In 2009, our founder, Pastor Todd Lugli, took the Gospel to the poverty-stricken country of Haiti and has since been investing in lives faithfully. His vision and passion for this recovering but resilient country has resulted in countless orphans being cared for, thousands of bellies being filled with food and rid of worms and thousands of people hearing and seeing the Gospel lived out over the years.

Since it’s inception, Happy Kids International has focused on three main areas:

Caring for the bodyThis is done through feeding programs, providing clean drinking water and providing oftentimes life-saving medical services.  Read more here

Caring for the soul—  This consists of caring for the ones God has placed in our lives as we work in Haiti. Caring for the soul is more than knowing their name, it’s knowing their story. It’s more than knowing their story, it’s being part of their story. As we care for the soul, we are continually pointing them to the One who loves, knows and can save their soul. Read more here

Caring for the spiritThis is the heartbeat behind it all. We desire to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel and for the hopeless to find hope in Christ alone. We are devoted to the discipleship of young leaders and the training of local pastors in hopes that they will make lasting impacts on their communities and country for Christ.  Read more here…

Along with meeting the immediate needs, we minister to the greater need. We want to be the bridge that connects the local church with the global church and together, we labor to bring transformation to the “whole man”.  We have an opportunity to love God and love people–so let us love well.