Service Rates


  • $125 a day + gas
  • With each vehicle we provide a driver
  • Most drivers will work as translators for an extra fee.
  • This price is for services with in a 2 hour radius of Port-au-Prince. Any use beyond that will be negotiated individually.
  • For overnight services, the drivers lodging and food will need to be provided by the user.

 House (red dot on map)

Located in Gressier 25 miles Southwest from PAP Airport

  • $45 a night–includes breakfast and dinner
  • Special rates for missionary individuals and couples.



The prices above are for the house only. This does not include a cook, food or laundry.  In order to keep the costs low for you, we do not provide these services unless requested otherwise. All services are available but please contact us for pricing of those services. If you decide to use our services, please let us know far enough in advance that we can plan accordingly. All reservations and scheduling must go through our US office. Until you have received confirmation from our office, nothing is booked.

Contact our US office at: (805) 331-9646 or through

In country, you can contact Jessie at: (509) 3428-0597