Caring for the Body

The basic necessity of food to sustain life in Haiti is often something that children go without on a regular basis. If you spend any time at all in Haiti, you will likely encounter many children who have tiny limbs, bloated bellies and reddish colored hair. These are all sure signs of malnutrition due to the lack of food, nutrients and clean water. In the mountains, it is not uncommon for children to eat 2 or 3 times a week and it’s not because they don’t want to, but because they have no other option.





One mother when asked about how often she gets to feed her family sadly replied,

“When we have food.”

Her simple response reveals the deep need.





Happy Kids International works to alleviate the suffering caused by the chronic food shortage. Everywhere we serve, whether with our orphanage partners in the city, with the Good Seed Academy outside of the city, or up in the small and often forgotten villages in the mountains, we provide a good, hearty meal as often as possible. In terms of sustainability and long-term growth, we are working with local Haitians to help them develop and maintain small farms with crops that would help feed their community and would be used as a means of sharing the Gospel. We have currently started one small farm and are looking to expand into multiple farms in the future. We desire to see a consistent feeding program established in these areas that would feed children multiple meals a week.


This is where we need your help.

By becoming a $30 Club member, you are partnering with us to provide these meals as often as possible. Much like the mother above who provides when she has the means, we do the same. With your partnership, we are able to provide meals for children who are starving, on a more consistent basis. Together, we can make this happen.






“If a lot do a little, a lot gets done”

is a motto we use often at Happy Kids because of the truth in it.




As part of caring for the body, we also run medical clinics to meet the basic needs of children. Traveling to area hospitals or doctors isn’t feasible for most people in remote areas. For some it could take days to get there only to not be seen or be turned away because care costs more money than they have. Click here to learn more about our medical clinics and how you can serve and be a blessing in this capacity.


“Because where you live, shouldn’t determine whether you live.”